Manage + Deliver

Everyone wants to leverage the power of video but the process can seem overwhelming. Discover simplifies the process by breaking it down to a few basic steps:

  1. Create and Capture the video you want to share
  2. Manage and Deliver the video to your audience
  3. Display your video content on variety of devices for your viewers convenience


Once a video is created it needs to be streamed live and/or stored in a place that is easily searched. Think of it as a private YouTube for your organization but with professional tools and security meant for professional organizations and educators.

DEVOS is a viewing portal, streaming server and content management system all in one and it is the heart of the DiscoverVideo Platform. Using any of our capture options DEVOS provides the tools to create a robust YouTube like experience for your viewers but with all the privacy, security and ease of management you’d expect from an enterprise grade solution.

StreamPump is an intelligent video caching appliance.  It works in conjunction with any DEVOS system to deliver video streams to remote offices and allows hundreds of viewers to access your streams without using additional Internet/WAN bandwidth. StreamPump is self-contained, fully automatic, virtually plug-and-play, and requires no special setup or exotic network configuration changes.

ARCUS is a cloud based internet streaming service and CDN (Content Delivery Network) that allows you to live stream or provide video on demand (VOD) securely and reliably to thousands of users outside your network. You can even create a custom public or private Roku channel