We think Streamsie is the best live/VoD streaming encoder in its class. Period.

Streamsie empowers anyone in your organization to create compelling video content that can be shared live or recorded, uploaded to DEVOS, and viewed anywhere/anytime.

Streamsie presents no complex encoder setup options. Simply select “Stream” to stream live and “Record” to record. If using multiple screens (as illustrated above), select a built-in template that you can change on-the-fly.

All encoder settings are configured on DEVOS, eliminating not only user error but allowing you to control bandwidths, rates, resolutions, and other encoder values.

Live Webinars
Open up PowerPoint, select your webcam (or use a professional camera with Captiva) and start your stream and recording.  Your live viewers see your presentation with full animation, sound, even embedded videos. Change your template anytime to show your camera, your desktop, or use a VGA/DVI input from another computer.  DEVOS viewers can even ask questions that you can answer verbally and visually.

Pause Recording
Streamsie Exclusive!  Record your video and select pause at any time.  Unpause to continue.  This is a great feature that eliminates the need to keep recording during a seminar break, or to stop and start recording resulting in multiple file that you must later edit together.

Watermark / “Lower 3rds” (Pro Version)
Streamsie Pro supports image overlays where you can easily create titles or other graphics.  Select any “on-the-fly” to fade in a title or other image. Select it again to fade it out.  Watermarks gives your video a professional look normally only available from equipment costing 10X more!

Chroma Key (Pro Version)
Streamsie Pro supports built-in Chroma Key (a.k.a. “green screen”), allowing you to overlay your live video over background image or 2nd video input.  Produce professional looking videos with any background. Chroma Key supports any color.

Any Definition (HD/SD) Streaming and Recording
Stream live video at two different bit rates and resolutions up to full HD. At the same time Streamsie can record your video at a different rate and resolution.  This flexibility gives Streamsie the edge in video encoding..

Remote Control & Status
Streams can be fully controlled by DEVOS. Install Streamsie in a remote location anywhere in the world and you can start streaming, recording, even change the templates.  What’s more, Streamsie reports its status to DEVOS so you know what is happening..

The Discover Video Solution

Streamsie PC/Mac can be used as a stand-alone tool for creating video content provided it is connected to DEVOS. Its true power lies in being a part of Discover Video’s complete streaming solution.



  • Encode: H.264/AAC (AVC)
  • Stream and Record: Simultaneous Live Streaming and File Recording
  • Multirate Streaming
  • High Definition: Up to 1080p Resolution
  • Pro: Built-In Watermark and Chroma Key
  • Flexible: Stream and Record at Different Qualities
  • Layouts: Many Pre-defined Layouts, Custom Layouts
  • Inputs: Webcam, Composite / Component / HDMI / SDI / HDSDI / DVI / VGA via optional Captiva capture device
  • Screen: Capture Full Computer Screen and selectable area
  • Monitor: Real Time Preview with audio
  • Automatic Upload
  • Screen Capture:High Definition Screen Sharing

Video Input

  • USB Camera, Built-In Webcam
  • External Analog Video via USB
  • External WM stream URL
  • HD or HD Capture Card

Output Types

  • Live Flash Stream
  • Live H.264 unicast Stream
  • Live H.264 multicast Stream (via DEVOS)
  • AAC Audio
  • 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 (HD)
  • H.264 File (.mp4)

Remote Control

  • Remote Control via web when used with Discover Video DEVOS account
  • IP for local control and for 3rd party integration

Screen Input

  • Full PC Screen Capture
  • Portion of PC Screen
  • External VGA Input


  • Mix screen, external video, external VGA, external URL
  • Real time animation
  • Variety of layouts
  • Built-in template editor
  • Built-in Chroma Key (Pro version)


  • Automatic upload of recordings to video server
  • Display, Delete any uploaded video

Streaming / CDN

  • Use with DV Account
  • Stream via DEVOS

Audio Input

  • Built-In Microphone
  • Webcam Microphone
  • External Audio via USB


  • OUTPUT- Stream Only
  • OUTPUT – Stream And Record
  • OUTPUT – Record Only
  • OUTPUT – Pause Recording
  • INPUT – Video Only
  • INPUT – Screen Only
  • INPUT – Screen + Video
  • INPUT – Video + Video
  • INPUT – Screen + Screen


  • H.264 Recording can be added to iTunes or RSS subscription for immediate Podcasting


DVME or DVME PRO turns a PC or laptop computer into a powerful video streaming solution. All you need is a computer, a webcam or external camera/capture device, and the DVME software to start streaming video..

For users looking for an every-day turnkey solution, the Rover comes with the DVME software preinstalled on a high-end laptop that is streamlined for capturing and streaming video.

Quiet operation makes this high performance desktop system ideal for permanent installations that require HD quality.

Streamsie™ is a powerful and easy-to-use video streaming app for your iPad, PC, or Mac.

Manage & Deliver

This all-in-one media management and streaming server, installed on-premise or in the cloud, provides everything you need to deliver live and on-demand streaming content within your organization to virtually any viewing device.

Discover Video’s subscription-based online streaming service that delivers video over the Internet to viewer’s computers and mobile devices. Perfect for organizations looking to stream video regularly.


Live and on-demand video can be delivered from Discover Video’s streaming solutions to computers on the local network or over the Internet without the need for special software.

Easily stream live and on-demand video to Apple devices, such as iPhones® and iPads®, as well as to Android™ tablets and smartphones.

Discover Video enables any television or video projector to access and play live and on-demand video using our Media Player or a special add-on for the Roku® player.

Download Streamsie PC Datasheet

Streamsie PC is an advanced software application that allows users to broadcast and record live audio, video, and presentation material from virtually any PC. Stream and record in H.264. Perfect for webcasting, lecture capture, “Flip The Classroom”, and recording training material.