There is no denying the DV Corporate power of video but the creation, storing, management, and delivery process can seem overwhelming. We simplify the process by breaking it down to a few basic steps:

  1. Create and Capture the video you want to share
  2. Manage and Deliver the video to your audience
  3. Display your video content on variety of devices for your viewers convenience

Creation and capture of video can be as simple as recording a presenter speaking to the camera. Or add some presentations or reports to the screen so people see more than a talking head.
For education and training we can splice into content with questions that must be answered to continue, to ensure viewer retention. Then collect the scores to see how well the material is working. And there’s no need to re-invent the wheel, we can easily pull in video content from the web or other sources.

On the technical side, capture also includes encoding so video can be viewed on a variety of devices. The products listed below include software, hardware and combinations of both that will do the job for you so you don’t need to worry about the technology – just focus on your message.


STREAMSIE software for PCs (Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac) is an easy to use Video On Demand (VOD) streaming encoder that allows novice and experienced users to live stream and/or record on their own PCs. Content can be from camera(s), screen(s) or both.

STREAMSIE iOS app can record and store video on your iOS Device or stream it live to ARCUS or your DEVOS server.

MCE – Multi-Channel Encoder can be sold as software only or part of a hardware software package. MCE is a specialized, low cost, high quality live streaming encoder that can support up to 6 live video inputs.


SPIRIT – Ideal for conference rooms and lecture halls, SPIRIT is essentially a specialized computer with DVME and STREAMSIE software included. It captures and streams both live camera video/audio and full motion desktop VGA from virtually any source.

ROVER – SPIRIT in a laptop form + Captiva for easier mobility.

MANTIS –  A single channel, live video streaming appliance.

CAPTIVA® CAPTURE DEVICES – Captiva USB and Captiva PC Cards