Office of Radio and Television (ORTV) Video Case Study

The Office of Radio and Television (ORTV) has been using the Discover Video’s Streamsie encoder and ARCUS cloud system for several years to reach their audience.

Every morning at 10:00 AM EST, in Prospect, CT, ORTV broadcasts locally to a television station as well as streaming live to their website. They use the Discover Video Streamsie to broadcast their show as well as recording it at the same time. To ensure they’re always recording and broadcasting on time, their Streamsie is on a timer, set to stream and record Monday thru Friday at exactly 10:00AM EST. On the weekend’s mass is streamed from a previously recorded session.

ORTV has always been ahead of the game in technology. Their closed captioning system has been an integral part of ensuring their hearing impaired viewers can remain involved in their community. This was a priority of theirs even before, the need for captions was mandated by the FCC.

ORTV has three programs that they upload to the Discover Video ARCUS cloud server: the daily Mass is uploaded every day after broadcast and kept for a week, while the other two programs “Crossroads Magazine” which is a news program, and “That’s the Spirit” an interview program with leaders in the local community are uploaded and kept for at least a month.

ORTV Video Case Study about how they use Discover Video.