Massasoit Community College Case Study

Massasoit Community College approached Discover Video for a cost effective solution for all of their video needs.

Massasoit Community College needed a way transfer its existing archival library to digital, store these videos, and make them available for viewing to students and faculty. The college wanted a secure system that could be password protected instead of a public video hosting website. These video resources are used to enhance the education of their students.

Massasoit Community College uses its DEVOS server to host a diverse number of videos. It hosts programming created by the students as well as videos and archival content from the school of broadcasting.

Massasoit also uses the DEVOS system to live stream events like guest speakers, concerts and graduations on their main campus and to the two satellite campuses. Many events are also live streamed out to the general public via the internet.  Watch the video below for more information on DEVOS and Massasoit Community College.