Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are important to creating an open forum for discussion in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. They are a series of lectures or videos that are a supplement to the material being taught in the classroom, as well as being learned on the hospital floor.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable decrease in attendance to these events. Discover Video’s Video Streaming and On-Demand solutions are here to bring back the traditional practice of Grand Rounds.

With DEVOS, you can live stream your broadcast to reach those who may be away on business, or to those who are unable to make it to campus due to other circumstances. Your live stream can also reach other institutions.

Never worry about if your viewers have downloaded the PowerPoint again. Using Presentation Mode in DEVOS, show your slides on the screen while you present. Long gone are the days where you have to worry if the people at home have downloaded the power point to follow along. If you forget to add the PowerPoint at the time of the presentation, don’t worry. You can edit, and sync your slides in post production as well.


Pre-med students, Medical Doctors, and Nurse can work odd hours. The time of your Grand Rounds presentation may be at the end of a shift, or beginning of a shift. This means that you’re losing part of your audience due to prior commitments. With DEVOS and Video-On-Demand, those viewers who can’t attend or can’t view live, can watch at their earliest convenience.

By having participants log into the system the college or hospital can track the viewership.  During a Live Broadcast there is the ability to turn questions on, which allows viewers to ask the speaker questions, even if they are not present. Questions can also be embedded into on-demand videos to ensure that there is material understanding. This feature also allows the option to give credits or other forms of merit to those who participate in the Grand Round procedures.