Clinical Assessment

Visualization and Simulation are several ways to test medical students on their knowledge and their bed side patient care.  In some student clinical settings, they use community members who may or may not be afflicted with the conditions that they are simulating. In the case of those who are actually afflicted, they may want to retain anonymity to stay compliant with HIPPA. This means that uploading these videos to streaming sites such as YouTube, can be proven difficult due to their security settings. Discover Video’s system offers a solution.



Every conversation has two sides and with the Multi-Viewer you can see both sides. In a single camera shoot, the location of the camera is fixed. If the camera is fixed at a wide angle viewing the entire room, there is a chance that you may spend the entire encounter missing the faces of the doctor or the patient. In any learning situation, seeing facial expressions is important. With Multi-Viewer you can see the Doctor as well as the patient to read facial expressions as well as body language.





Recording the Live stream sessions allows students to take home their performance and view it at home. This also allows for the students to watch and access other classmates work to compare. Working with other students will allow them to study their weaknesses as well as help others figure out what they need to do as well.

Remote Learning

Getting to a training session may be difficult or may conflict with other engagements. The recorded session can be uploaded to the Discover Video DEVOS or ARCUS system for later viewing.



Secure Network

A log-in can be a requirement for viewing your content. This allows you to see whose viewing the content as well as making sure nothing leaves the classroom environment.