Businesses use streaming video to lower costs and improve communications. The applications include remote training, executive communications, information distribution, sales and marketing, and visual collaboration. Discover Video provides a wide variety of live and on-demand solutions that can fit any size business.

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How do you keep a staff of people who work in different buildings and at different hours trained and compliant, while making sure each person receives the same quality of training? Discover Video provides a solution that allows everyone in an organization to stay up-to-date, even remote locations, by allowing them to watch live training or the recorded training on-demand when they can’t be there in real-time.

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People are looking to the Internet to view video content, which is great for media outlets because this provides them more opportunity to reach a potentially larger audience. But streaming live video to the Internet can seem technically overwhelming and cost-prohibitive. This is why Discover Video has taken away the guess work by providing easy-to-use, cost effective, solutions that are tailored to organizations of any size or need.

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Video is a critical communications tool for federal, state, and local governments. These organizations require both live and on-demand video solutions that have the reach and scalability needed to communicate internally and to the public. Whether delivering a press conference over the Internet, training staff, or monitoring highways, Discover Video works closely with government entities to make sure their unique needs are met.

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Schools all over the world are turning towards video as a teaching tool. This is because video helps students retain information by providing them immersive experience. Video also provides teachers the ability to create and deliver their own high quality content that can be watched by students in the class and at home; allowing the teacher to focus more on students’ individual needs.

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Higher Education

Looking for ways to engage students and maintain their focus and interest against the backdrop of a continually changing curriculum and rising standards is a bigger challenge than ever for educators. Video helps teachers deliver instructions to complement a student’s learning modality. Video provides a nearly unlimited variety of content to be used for comprehensible input. Teachers will be able to create more powerful lessons and  students will become critical thinkers.

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Live Event Webcasting and Streaming

Imagine delivering morning announcements to televisions and computers throughout the entire school or broadcasting a CEO’s quarterly meeting to every employee.

Broadcast live events such as graduations, concerts, press conferences, or quarterly meetings to viewers globally. Host on-demand product and training videos from a website to inform visitors and keep them engaged.

Discover Video makes it possible to capture and stream video over the Internet while maintaining control of the content.

Our solution also enables remote training, distance learning, and marketing events.

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On Demand Video Libraries

Digitize aging DVD and VHS videos, record your own real-time videos or curate content from popular video sharing sites such as YouTube™. Bring them into one central video library where users can access them from computers and mobile devices from virtually anywhere. Discover Video provides cost effective solutions for capturing and managing your videos.


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