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IP Multicast vs. Unicast

Many organizations now rely on live video for communicating with employees and students. IP Multicast and Unicast are two techniques for providing these live streams to computers, mobile devices, and TVs. This white paper examines the pros and cons of each approach.


Video Caching to Branch Offices

Live and on-demand video is essential for modern corporations, but supporting corporate branch offices with video has been a problem. Branch offices are commonly tied to the corporate network via private lines or VPNs where all traffic to and from the branch passes to the headquarters location. These private star topologies allow the corporate IT staff to control and secure the network.



Imagine videos that are truly portable. Videos that students, employees, customers, or staff can watch anytime anywhere, even when they are not connected to the Internet. Videos that you can watch on an airplane. Videos that automatically appear on your cell phone as soon as they are published. If this sounds appealing, then DEVOS Podcasting is for you.


Enterprise Video Platform – Top 10

Ten Things to look for in an Enterprise Video Management Solution. The right solution for you depends on what you want to do, but this Top-10 list should help you to form your short list.


DEVOS Clustering

This unique feature allows large organizations to deliver live and on-demand video efficiently across the internal and external networks to viewers on any device. It is ideal for corporations with many remote offices, universities/multi-school K-12 districts, government agencies, or large healthcare organizations.


DEVOS on Premises vs. Cloud DEVOS

The DEVOS video delivery system is a comprehensive system that includes a world-class user interface, live streaming server, video-on-demand streaming server, encoders, digital signage, priority alert, iOS and mobile support, and much more. All of this powerful capability is embodied in a server product that you may install on your premises, or operate over the public Internet via the DEVOS Cloud service. The solution that is best for you depends on several factors


DEVOS Hybrid

Delivering live video to many remote offices can be a problem because each viewer consumes WAN bandwidth. Just drop in a DEVOS Stream Jumper anywhere, and live video is automatically replicated in remote locations without consuming bandwidth.


Public, Education, Goverment (PEG) Streaming

Streaming your PEG station solves many problems and creates many new opportunities and mechanisms to serve the community. And streaming is clearly the primary means to reach a younger audience and to attract the next-generation PEG broadcasters


Discover Video Encoder Selection Guide

Discover Video offers several choices for your video encoding needs. Here is a quick overview of each to help you make your selection.

How To Stream

Streaming is easy. All you need is an encoder and streaming service to deliver high quality live or on-demand video to computers, tablets, smartphones, or TVs. With a Discover Video software encoder and Arcus/DEVOS service, you can stream from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Digital Signage, Small System

DEVOS gives you free, built-in Digital Signage. Each DEVOS can provide many unique signs consisting of video, images, text, RSS feeds, or Powerpoint slides. You can deploy Digital Signage on a small DEVOS system too.

TV Distribution

Delivering Cable-TV, satellite TV, or over-the-air TV over an existing wired or wireless network is simple with DEVOS. Using the Discover Video Multi-Channel Encoder (MCE) schools and businesses can deliver SD or HD channels to TVs or computers.

IPTV vs. Analog Coax

IPTV means delivering television over the common digital network infrastructure. Cable-TV means delivering television over analog coax cable, which must be installed.