Business Video Town Hall Meeting Market Growing Quickly

Small, medium, and large enterprises are turning to video town hall meetings to inform employees and align their teams.    The Frost & Sullivan research firm has indicated that company town hall meetings are the most popular application in the enterprise video segment and growing quickly.    They also noted that video town hall meetings are no longer confined to large corporations.  Small and medium sized businesses are also doing regular sessions because of the new, easy to use technology and the demand for video communications by the younger generation of workers.

The keys to successful video town hall meetings are as follows: First, find a proper location with appropriate cameras, microphones, and lighting; Second, make sure you have a high quality HD video encoder for live streaming; Third, use a robust streaming system that can reach employees in the main office, branch offices, and on the road.

Discover Video has numerous enterprises using its DEVOS visual communications platform for town hall meetings.  We recently conducted a webinar and have created a special best practices eBook on the town hall meetings.  Contact us if you would like an on-site demonstration.