Video Streaming Solutions for Government

Video is a critical communications tool for federal, state, and local governments. These organizations require both live and on-demand video solutions that have the reach and scalability needed to communicate internally and to the public. Whether delivering a press conference over the Internet, training staff, or monitoring highways, Discover Video works closely with government entities to make sure their unique needs are met.

Here are just a few of the applications Discover Video is used for:

State and Local Government

Video is a key component in government transparency.  That’s why the State of Rhode Island, the State of Oregon, and many others use Discover Video products and services to deliver live video of government meetings and legislative sessions, and searchable video-on-demand of recorded sessions.

Some of the Features important for Government streaming:

  • Ease of use and automation
  • Support for both desktop and mobile viewers
  • Bandwidth management and scalability

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Discover Video provides a wide range of video products and services that are specific for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Discover Video’s products can be used to enhance highway traffic systems by providing DOTs the ability to deliver live and recorded traffic video to a wider variety of locations and devices. For example, a Discover Video Solution can receive a higher quality live video stream from a highway camera and can convert it into an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android compatible stream in real-time. This transcoded stream can be sent to first responders, the media, or the public access to high quality, low-bandwidth streams to computers and mobile devices.

Some of the Features Discover Video’s ITS Solutions:

  • Transcoding live MPEG streams to H.264 Flash and mobile/tablet compatible streams
  • Capturing JPEG images from live streams for review and recording
  • Displaying multiple highway traffic video streams on monitors using inexpensive software decoders
  • Adding logo or text images to live video streams
  • Distributing live camera video to thousands of viewers on the Internet
  • Delivering up to HD quality video over IP networks using hardware and software
  • Streaming live video over 3G/4G mobile data networks to first responders

The Discover Video Difference

  • We provide feature-rich and cost-effective solutions
  • We offer flexibility in our products and services to meet customer needs
  • Discover Video staff has over 30 years experience in video communications
  • Discover Video products meet industry standards – compatible with auxillary products


Discover Video’s Government Customers: