Morning Announcements

Video Morning Announcements

No one can deny video is compelling and content providers are expected to employ video if they are to remain relevant in the eyes of today’s sophisticated audiences. The meteoric rise in the popularity of online video was only held back by the complexity of the technology to create and stream it reliably and cost effectively.

Discover Video removes the limitations.

You can transform your school by delivering video morning announcements. And you can do it right now.

Allow students or staff to create and deliver your school’s video news program to classroom computers, TVs, or mobile devices. With DEVOS students have hands-on experience with full video production while providing the latest information to students, teachers, and parents. And while they learn these valuable skills their peers will be more engaged in absorbing the news they provide.


Each program can be streamed live and can be recorded for later on-demand viewing. The Discover Video systems include many professional features such as chroma key (green screen), image/text overlay, and multi-camera support.

Broadcast live video over existing networks without exotic equipment or special expertise. Reach hundreds or thousands of viewers without resorting to multicast, and without taxing your existing digital network. View the broadcasts on Windows and Apple computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, even Roku boxes!

Of course, you can record your morning announcement and broadcast it later too.

Automatic Viewing

With Discover Video’s exclusive Priority Alert, viewers will never miss a show! Priority Alert can open your live or video-on-demand program on one, some, or all computers without user action.

And all of your Digital Signage displays can automatically display your content too.

The same technology that allows you to deliver live or on-demand morning announcements also allows you to stream conventional TV channels to classroom, boardrooms, and desktops, eliminating legacy “CCATV” systems.


  • Easy to use, complete end-to-end system
  • Use multiple cameras / screens / video files
  • Mix your camera video with PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, or virtually anything
  • Built-in titles and overlays
  • Built-in Chroma Key (green screen) for professional effect
  • Stream live and/or record for later viewing
  • Viewing metrics and statistics
  • Choice of software or hardware implementation
  • Deliver purely inside your firewall, on the public Internet, or both

Learn How to Deliver Video Morning Announcements


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Using Video to Build School Community

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Using Video to Build School Community

Delivering live video morning announcements school-wide is not only amazingly easy, it’s a great way to engage students and build a sense of community.



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