K-12 Digital Media Library

Educational Classroom Video Content for K12

Curriculum-Based Video Library for your DEVOS System

Imagine offering your teachers extensive video library of the highest quality, PreK-12 educational videos designed to support the curriculum and engage students. That library is available today through Discover Video. Working with some of the best producers of educational content, we’ve compiled a library of award-winning, grade-level content  aligned to the Common Core and state standards.


Students Watching a Video

Easy Access and Functionality

With a few clicks, users can find any desired video and support materials. Each video includes a detailed description, tags and categories making it easy to find and obtain content within seconds. Because the library is fully integrated with the Discover Video system it can be viewed on any device that is compatible with DEVOS (iPhone, iPad, Androids, Tablets, Chromebooks, MACs, PCs, Roku Boxes, and Digital Signage displays). This content is not just for the classroom. It can be viewed by students at home too.

Quality And Up-To-Date Content

You won’t find low-quality recordings of TV clips, amateur video, or actors with mullets in this library. There are no commercials, or commercial drop outs. You get over 700 original, high quality, fully vetted well-designed, HD video educational videos developed specifically for student learning.


 Library Features

Classroom Video Content is a constantly growing library currently featuring over 700 video titles in the areas of science, social studies, guidance, health, math and language arts. Most programs come complete with teacher’s guides, activity sheets and assessment tools that can easily be adapted to any lesson plan. Spanish language titles are also available.

Incredible Value With Option To Purchase Or Subscribe

When you purchase the library, the content is yours, just as if you purchased 700+ DVDs (without taking up the physical space) and the licensing rights to new content at no additional cost. Your license allows the content to be used on the Discover Video system throughout  your school system/district.

Purchasing the library is often appropriate for new systems, grant-based purchases, and whenever future funds are in doubt. A subscription to the library, gets you the same original content and all the new releases, but at a lower initial cost. Subscribing to the library is often appropriate when there is a need to conserve on initial costs when operational funds are used.

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