E-Rate Caching Server

Bring education to life in classrooms with Discover Video’s video caching server.



DEVOS delivers educational content to classrooms throughout the district. This content is saved locally on a caching server so that teachers throughout the schools are able to access the content without creating a bandwidth bottle neck.


A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are standing around their teacher and are watching a video together on a digital tablet.

DEVOS allows teachers to create and distribute content to their students and share lessons with fellow teachers. Learning Path (optional) allows teachers to create lessons and courses that consist of videos and questions and place them on the caching server.   Any course can then be accessed on-demand by students or teachers.


Stream or upload Video Morning announcements for student wide knowledge sharing. Morning announcements can be streamed to every classroom at the same time every morning or uploaded to the server to allow on-demand viewing.



Save additional bandwidth by adding a Discover Video StreamPump®.  It is a small caching device that can take files from the main server and cache them locally for local schools to share and use.


E-Rate has provided billions of dollars over the past decade to K-12 schools and libraries to help fund technology in the classrooms. The Discover Video DEVOS and StreamPump caching servers can save precious Internet bandwidth and enhance the learning system at your school.   Contact us for more information on E-Rate and how our solutions can help your school district.