Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, and BYOD

Help educate children more effectively by incorporating recorded lessons and on-demand videos into lesson plans while leveraging the power of portable devices for at-home viewing and maximizing one-on-one classroom time. Teachers can easily create video lessons with Streamsie and deliver them to students with DEVOS. Each lesson can have embedded questions to reinforce the information. Discover Video takes away the technical hurdles allowing schools to focus on what matters – teaching.



Teacher’s know that today’s generation of children are hard to keep attentive in class. The distractions now range further than just the student in the desk next to them; they have devices with the world at their finger tips. Wrangling these students back to the classroom with these devices creates a new future of education. Using the technologies the students are growing up with teachers and classrooms are lit up with virtual field trips. Discover Video hopes to bring it one step further with Presentations and Learning Path.

Distance Learning

Using Learning Path, teachers can optimize distance-learning, students who travel with sports teams and/or clubs no longer have to miss major assignments or lessons.

A teacher can ensure that students are doing the work and understanding the material by monitoring the results through the DEVOS system. Students can access content and following the learning path.

In some instances students can’t get to school early enough or stay after school to ask questions about a lesson, but the DEVOS system has a solution. Video Conferencing is now available for teachers who are interested in after school office hours.


Flipped Classroom

The idea behind a flipped classroom is watching video at home to explain the lesson and having teachers revisit and give an in depth explanation during the class period. DEVOS is here to help, by having students log into the system to watch the videos a teacher no longer has to worry about keeping track during class of whose seen the assignment. There are ways to monitor to see which of your students are watching the videos that have been assigned.


Learning Path

Learning Path allows teachers to create “Lessons” and test students knowledge of the material covered. Lessons can be grouped up and Courses are then created for students to complete. Students must log in to complete the content allowing their educators to ensure that they are doing the materials. Assigning a Learning Path assignment for homework allows a teacher to see where their students may need help or more information on a topic they’re covering in class. This also cuts back on lecture time creating more time for hands on assignments. The class may not have been able to to do previously due to time constraints but with learning path they can now execute them.

Bring Your Own Device

Technology is an important part of today’s education. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan encourages students to use their devices to further their education. DEVOS videos can be viewed from any computer or mobile device. Presentation mode creates a browser to allow a person to view the entire presentation, both video and slides from a web browser, even on a cell phone. This new way of learning is the innovative future of education.


The Discover Video Solution

Streamsie, the heart of Discover Video’s webcasting solution, captures and streams audio, video, and multimedia content. When combined with DEVOS, Discover Video’s streaming and management portal , live and on-demand streams can delivered anywhere within your network. Add ARCUS, Discover Video’s Internet streaming services, to reach an audience in your local community or anywhere in the world.

Creating and managing video is just part of the Discover Video solution, but what makes it great is the flexibility it provides when viewing live and on-demand content. Discover Video’s Media Player and Roku™ Channel allow you to watch video on televisions and projectors, while it can also be viewed on  computers, tablets and smartphones natively, with no additional software.