Classroom IPTV

Classroom IPTV


Deliver cable and satellite TV channels directly to classroom for education and breaking news. DEVOS with the Multi-Channel Encoder (MCE) can seamlessly deliver dozens of TV channels over your IP network to classroom computers/projectors or TVs. Each channel can be either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD).

Universal Viewing

You can access the TV channels from the classroom using a PC, Mac, or mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Androids over a wired or wireless connection to the IP network.  Each channel can be selected and viewed from the easy to use DEVOS video portal. For viewing on TVs in the classroom, we recommend using a Roku box. Just download the DEVOS channel to Roku and select any channel in the system for viewing.

Recording and Creating a Playlist

With the DEVOS system any teacher with the administrative privilege can record a complete or partial TV program directly on DEVOS and place it into their channel. Once recorded, it can be combined with other educational content into a playlist and video lesson for students.  The recording can be started manually or scheduled ahead of time.

TV Channel Guide

Discover Video offers an optional TV Channel Guide with DEVOS.  You can select any number of local or national channels and see the entire 7 day schedule for each.  A teacher can easily click on a specific program to watch it live or can record a future program onto the DEVOS system for on-demand viewing.  TV Channel Guide is great for schools that use TV programs to supplement traditional learning techniques.

For more information on IPTV and MCE, download this whitepaper on cable TV distribution over IP.