Graduation Live Streaming

Live Streaming Graduation

ARCUS is a popular service for broadcasting live High School, College and University graduation ceremonies. Use Streamsie PC/Mac, Streamsie iOS or Mantis (or a 3rd party encoder) to stream your live video to parents, grandparents, or other relatives and friends around the world.

How It Works

  1. Select Your Encoder — Streamsie, Mantis, or none (3rd party)
  2. Enter the simple credentials we provide you
  3. Connect your live audio/video source. Use HDMI, Composite, SDI, even DVI.
  4. Start streaming and, optionally, recording.
  5. Send a link to the video or use the provided embed code to insert it into your web page.

High Definition
You can use virtually any HD camera, such as an inexpensive handheld consumer camcorder with HDMI output, to stream your graduation in high definition. View the event on a Windows or Mac computer, smartphone, tablet, and even, optionally, a public or private Roku channel.

World-Class CDN
Discover Video uses the best Content Delivery Network providers and its own services to provide the reach and scale you need. Whether you are doing a live broadcast to 10 or 10,000 viewers, the service will scale to meet your needs.