Employee Onboarding

DEVOS by Discover Video

DEVOS for Employee Onboarding

Bring new employees into the fold faster with the DEVOS video server. Remote employee onboarding means that your new employees can get up to speed anytime, anywhere. The Discover Video DEVOS video server and software is the ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their employee onboarding video distribution and meet compliance requirements. DEVOS allows you to catalog, manage, and distribute new employee videos to users on computers, smartphones, and tablets across the country or around the world. Videos can be integrated with testing materials for confirmation of understanding and retention. With Learning Path these videos can now be grouped into lesson modules to create courses.

Live or On Demand Streaming

Whether you host a live town hall seminar for all employees or provide human resources videos on demand to new hires, you can use the DEVOS platform to deliver your content to the appropriate audience. Each DEVOS system includes software encoders for creating your own training, executive communications, or human resource content.

3rd Party Integration

DEVOS integrates with many popular 3rd party video, learning management systems, or content platforms like Sharepoint, YouTube, iTunes, and Dropbox. Import existing videos and set permissions for individual or grouped videos easily with the included media management system.

Digital Signage is Included

DEVOS includes digital signage features at no additional cost. You can inform employees of breaking news or training seminar schedules via campus digital signage, Samsung televisions or even a custom Roku Channel.