Corporate YouTube


What do you do when your organization requires the reliability and accessibility of YouTube but the lack of YouTube’s security and control makes your IT department’s skin crawl?

With Discover Video’s DEVOS media server and software you can have the best of both worlds and then some. DEVOS provides an easy to use YouTube-like platform with significantly more control within the security of your organization’s internal networks. DEVOS integrates with Active Directory/Sharepoint, and can be accessed via Single Sign-on.

One Part Server, One Part Streaming Device and One Part Media Management System

The enterprise grade DEVOS platform is part video server, part streaming device and part media management system. You can deliver live or on demand videos to employees on PCs, smartphones, tablets and televisions / digital signage across your internal networks or even outside of your network. You can customize security settings for each individual video, a specific group of videos or all available content. Users browse videos through an easy to navigate grid system similar to YouTube. You can track employees’ viewing history, too, in case you need to monitor which employees have watched specific videos for compliance purposes. In addition DEVOS isn’t just for pre-created video files. You can live stream events or presentations, create and edit videos and even include testing material within your own videos or those sourced from outside platforms.

YouTube and Dropbox Integration

YouTube is a leading video platform due in part to its accessibility—anyone can upload a video in a matter of minutes. The DEVOS platform is even easier to use thanks to one click Dropbox integration as well as integration with YouTube, iTunes, and other popular media platforms.

Request a Demo to see how your organization can benefit from the power and flexibility of DEVOS without the control or security concessions of YouTube.