Corporate IPTV Streaming

Corporate IPTV from Discover Video

Watch Live TV on any Device in Your Office with DEVOS

The Discover Video DEVOS platform provides cable and satellite TV live streaming to TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones on your office’s IP address seamlessly. View on wired and wireless connections, popular 3rd party boxes like Roku, and online with the DEVOS online viewing portal.

TV Channel Guide

Discover Video offers an optional TV Channel Guide which allows system users to view a full 7 day schedule of the TV channels that are being streamed through the DEVOS server.   A viewer can click on any live program and watch it instantly on their computer or mobile device.  A future program can be recorded on DEVOS for on-demand viewing.  The DEVOS Channel Guide is available for any number of local or national channels.

Record TV for On Demand Viewing

Need to catch up on a previous segment? You can record any IPTV channel through DEVOS and watch it later on any compatible device. You can also create a playlist of recorded content and share it with any viewers on devices on your work network.

DEVOS: IPTV & So Much More

The DEVOS platform is so much more than IPTV—it integrates with third party encoders, popular software like Roku and Dropbox, and third party editing suites like Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and more.

You can easily convert any video into podcast format, beam important information to compatible HDTVs using the included digital signage functionality, and monitor video viewership and security settings, all from one multipurpose DEVOS video server.