Announcing New StreamEngine Multi-Channel HD Encoder

Discover Video announced today the new StreamEngine HD encoder.   This new encoder is available in a 4 or 8 channel configuration, providing ultra high density in 1RU of space.   Each HDMI input is a separate HD video stream that can be distributed over a local area network by the award winning DEVOS visual communications platform.

StreamEngine is ideal for delivering live TV channels over a local IP network to computers, mobile devices, and TVs.   It can be used with the  optional TV guide in schools, hospitals, businesses, and government agencies to provide instant news, educational content, or entertainment.    Each channel is independent permitting each viewer to easily choose the desired live stream.

The channels can be configured to output multiple bit rates. For example, Video input 1 can be set to stream 320×160 at 100Kbps, 640×360 at 50Kbps, and 1280×720 at 2 Mbps. This makes StreamEngine ideal for supporting mobile, desktop and other devices that each may prefer different configurations. In addition, each channel can also capture to file at multiple bit rates and resolutions.